Love Now Media is a concept born in the middle of protests. Our founder, Jos Duncan, had been leading cultural diversity programs and following protests for justice. It was apparent that most of the work was a reaction to injustice, violence, inequities, racism, and social ills. While doing that work however, there were stories of compassion, solidarity, and allyship working together to organize and progress. There were real people at the center of this transformational work whose mental and emotional wellness was at stake, and there were people gathering in houses, coffee shops, community centers, and vacant land to build upon it and make change. That looked a lot like “love.” That work, serves as an impetus for ours. We tell those stories and we offer services for those whose work is in line with our mission.

Love Now Media of CultureTrust is a non-profit social enterprise with a mission to tell stories through media production and communications initiatives that lean towards justice, wellness, and equity.