Mike, take a bow. A love story by Bunmi Samuel

Mike, take a bow. A love story by Bunmi Samuel Mike, take a bow. Let's tell a story in your honor. An origin story from one part of your life....

Philly Counts Ambassador Program is Hiring

By Imani Stewart-Jackson, Philly Counts Digital Engagement and Communications Manager Philly Counts was originally created to support the 2020 Census. Since February 2021, the Philly Counts office has been supporting the Philadelphia…

Youth gathered and distributed food and care as an act of love through CityKidsRAK

By Kim Russell

Tieara Nichelson with a group of youth, Instagram followers, and adult volunteers and friends, distributed nutritious food and over 100 care packets to displaced citizens around the city.

Following Bill Cosby’s release, wellness advocates push for Consent Culture

Rape culture is a culture in which sexual violence is treated as the norm and projects blame for sexual assaults on the victims’ behavior, appearance,  or profession while exempting or excusing perpetrators of assault from accountability for the violence they’ve inflicted and and harm they’ve caused. Educators for Consent Culture, has been working to raise awareness about consent culture.

Hidden Costs: Gun Violence, Seeking Wellness in the Aftermath

By Denise Clay-Murray

Connecting victims of gun violence to resources that may help them achieve a sense of well-being means navigating a complex system with ambiguous rules. When you’re trying to find resources to pay for counseling, medical care, or funeral services for a family member who was a victim of gun violence, there are a lot of acronyms you might want to learn.

The Importance of Midwives and the Skill and Science Behind Being One

By Nina Indigo

Researchers have brought a serious issue in midwifery to surface. They stress the importance of midwives and their need to better understand the skill and science of being one, specifically within their emotional intelligence. Why, because it’s essential to how well they perform their roles as midwives.