Dear Freedom Seeker (A love letter to Haitians)

By Carlo Campbell

Dear freedom seeker, refugee from hate, migrant from the lands of injustice…

Freedom Is A Birth Right (A Love Letter to Haitians)

By Lindo Yes

When I see you
I realize my want for freedom
Has always been a need for freedom
Never an ask
A demand

Kile Li Fini (A love letter to Haitians)

By Kim Russell

To our Haitian brethren, We are heartbroken to see the despair you are in. Humbly, you braved the elements of Mother Nature, only to be faced with the disastrous nature of humans.

Hidden Costs: Gun Violence, Mental Health & Financial Stress

Mental health and post traumatic stress bear a hidden cost in the aftermath of gun violence. 

Peace Day prevails in Philly

By Kim Russell In this world, so much is out of our individual control, so beginning our days with positive affirmations is a small, yet important step toward reclaiming our…

Mike, take a bow. A love story by Bunmi Samuel

Mike, take a bow. A love story by Bunmi Samuel Mike, take a bow. Let's tell a story in your honor. An origin story from one part of your life....