11 Days of Love Stories Press Release

Love Now Media, a media and news organization that uplifts the voices of those advocating for justice, wellness, and equity will host its annual storytelling series 11 Days of Love Stories this year from June 14th to June 24th. The series returns for its fourth year or programs with daily TV and social media broadcasts, 7 new short documentaries and 3 live events, after skipping a year due to the pandemic. All 3 of Love Now Media’s 11 Days of Love Stories live events will be held at Sol Garden Studios located 1000 Buttonwood Street, in the Callowhill section of Philadelphia, PA.

Why Love? Why Now? Love prevailed during the pandemic

By Carlo Campbell

Three couples share stories about finding love in uncertain times. Fear and commitment led many to reroute their wedding aisle GPS and take a lovers pit stop and play things by ear. Fear for the vulnerable in our population, our elders, and people with preexisting health concerns, along with commitment to honor state, federal, and CDC directives curtailing travel and large group gatherings.

Beloved Culture: a Philippine-American story of love of liberation

By Kristine Villanueva

On one hand, being Filipino-American means not fully knowing your roots, like the tribe your family first belonged to, what barangay your ancestors lived in. While this is a painful truth, it can also lead to finding new ways to keep the culture alive. In learning about my heritage, I felt more empowered to embody Filipinas in history who fought for liberation.

The pandemic changed the American workforce; it also allowed people to take on work they love

By Denise Clay-Murray

The pandemic has helped some of us with rethinking our relationship to the work we do. Were we happy at our jobs? What would we change if we could? Was life too short to keep doing something we weren’t really into anymore? Was it time to take a leap of faith and do something we love?