We’re on a mission to help create a more just, well, and equitable future by amplifying acts of love at the intersection of social justice, wellness, and equity.

We believe in powerful storytelling that inspires humanity to reimagine and redesign a future that includes liberation for historically undervalued communities. We empower and cultivate storytellers via multi-media platforms, innovative programming, and strategic consulting. 

Since 2016, Love Now Media has demonstrated an ability to offer creative, empathy-centered solutions in response to cultural and systemic problems. Our unique methodology for storytelling is recognized as a model for the future of journalism and community news. 

Love Now Media is a social enterprise with a non-profit 501c3 for media production and charitable projects and an LLC for corporate consulting.

Our Artificial Intelligence Policy

Love Now Media is committed to embracing artificial intelligence as a tool to enhance the democratization of journalism and promote inclusive storytelling. Throughout history, technology has served as a disruptor, reshaping systems, processes, and work methods. As a forward-thinking and agile team, we actively utilize AI tools to foster equitable practices, collaboration, and the accessible distribution of information. We firmly oppose plagiarism and uphold the principles of fair and equitable compensation for the use of intellectual property.

We recognize that communities of color are often excluded from the development and design of emerging technologies and are often hesitant to engage with them. We are dedicated to staying informed and adapting alongside the ongoing advancements in artificial intelligence. This ensures that we are not left behind but are active participants in the technological evolution that is occurring.

Currently, our focus is on experimenting with AI, particularly in administrative and operational areas. No artificial intelligence content will ever be used or published on Love Now Media’s websites or in Love Now Magazine without the explicit and intentional involvement and approval of human writers and editors. 

This statement is offered in the spirit of transparency, reflecting our commitment to ethical practices and continuous learning in the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence.




Love Now Media is a concept born in the middle of protests. Our founder, Jos Duncan Asé, had been leading cultural diversity programs and documenting protests for justice. Most of the advocacy work was a reaction to injustice, violence, inequities, racism, and social ills. There were real people at the center of that work whose mental and emotional wellness was at stake. Nevertheless, people were gathering in houses, coffee shops, community centers, and on vacant land to build upon it and make transformational change.


Jos Duncan Asé

CEO of Love Now Media and Editor In Chief for Love Now Magazine

Nicole Blackson

Managing Director

Tezarah Wilkins

Product & Operations Manager

Lou Balikos

Editorial Manager

Nathan Mutale

Producing Editor

Journey Moses

Jr. Producer

Kimberly Malhoit

Visual Designer