Wellness entrepreneurs of Color; agents of change during pandemic

A quest for healing led the mother of 3 to search inwardly for purpose and spirituality. By January of 2020, she and Kuan Young, a visual artist and photographer, had plans to open an indoor healing garden that would sprout more than 100 plants, a waterfall, sound bowls and welcome natural sunlight.

Essential Work: For Philly Artists, this past year was many things

This past year was many things. Every menacing adjective has been used to describe the novelty of this year, which was unlike any ever seen by most generations who care for this planet.

Many lines have been drawn throughout the course of this pandemic. The ones between young and old, sick and well, them and us, and notable for this meditation, essential and inessential.

When Self-Love Is Sanity: Free mental health courses to help you stay sane while standing up to racism

Challenging racism is exhausting. For Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and Asian communities, in particular, the pandemic has further unveiled racial disparities and systemic injustices in the United States. People of Color are often operating within spaces that uphold values rooted in white supremacy while being called upon to help solve diversity and equity issues. All of this, while dealing with their own personal, social, and cultural traumas… during a pandemic.

Reawakening: Bridging gaps to jumpstart life after incarceration

While Radee Hammett was incarcerated, he witnessed a tragic act of violence that shifted his perspective on the value of his life. He is now a community leader, who uses his experience with incarceration to bridge the gap between prison life and the outside.

Community Care in the time of COVID

Our capitalist-driven culture has promoted productivity, competition, and individual achievements as signifiers of success. We’ve been told, “if you want something done, do it yourself” and, “pull yourself up by your bootstraps.” We were taught that our ability to compete and achieve was where our self-worth lied. Then we realized we were dying inside.

Conscious Brainwashing: A conversation with ‘Grand Agent’ about the roots and power of Hip Hop

The power of their voices has become recognized by the commanders of corporations and the wolves of Wall Street for their ability to galvanize the youth.

The ‘me too.’ Movement’s New Program Director Has A History of Healing

The ‘me too.’ movement has a new Program Director with a history in healing and wellness-focused practices. Shesheena Bray, a Philadelphia-based mental health therapist starts full time in the role on February 15th.

Love is a call to action and a challenge to tell new stories

Before the pandemic, we knew that there was a disconnect between mainstream news narratives and Black communities. Almost a year into the pandemic, we have experienced a multitude of moments that have crystallized the need for a shift in how stories are served up.

Love Now Media’s Call for Stories – February 2021

Love Now Media is accepting submissions for our multimedia storytelling series, Just Love Stories. The series will feature love stories rooted in work towards social justice. Creative non-fiction writers, poets,...

Love Now Media’s COVID-19 Initiative

Love Now Media's COVID-19 Initiative By Jos Duncan Love Now Media’s newest initiative Lessons on Love has tapped a community of lovers, healers, artists, and activists to offer a series...

Love Now Media: A Community Voice

Love Now Media: A Community Voice By Jos Duncan Love Now Media is proud to be among several Philadelphia organizations to advance the work of documenting and distributing community voices....