Ancestors in the Sun

By Kim Russell

As I live & breathe, I am you
I am generations of women who carried each other in their wombs when they carried our mothers
Your flesh is my flesh,
Your blood is my blood
Your memories are my memories
Your DNA did not astray far from mine

I have regalness & sovereignty
There’s Talent & Tenacity
Creativity & Conviction
Knowledge & Healing
Magic & Tradition
Inside my DNA

I’m so you, I am me
Appointed & Anointed
To be your wildest dreams
And I look for you in everything that I do
From the way that I sweep the floor
Prepare my food
And care for my crown
You are always right next to me although you’re energy bound

I now sit at your feet by way of my altar
Put on your favorite TV shows
Play your favorite music
Dance with your spirits under the moonlight
Speak your name aloud when seeking guidance & protection
The way you move for me beyond the veil is a blessing

And each time I learned something, it’s because you came with the lesson
You sparked my intuition
You raised the hairs on the back of my neck

So, I come to you with all due respect
With all white on
Adorned with Crystals
Headed wrapped
Spiritually strapped
And armed with offering
I walk in broad daylight
To leave your favorite foods & fruits by trees & rivers
Every week, every month, every Odunde.
My steps are powered by my ancestors in the sun.