Dreams In Smoke

“Dreams in Smoke” is a reflection on the impact of genocide. Through evocative language and vivid imagery, the poem explores the tragic consequences of conflict, leaving readers with a sobering reminder of the human cost of violence and the enduring search for hope amidst despair.

The Phoenix

Delve into a poignant poem reflecting the complexities of self-perception and inner truth. Explore themes of introspection, resilience, and empowerment as the poet navigates the labyrinth of identity.

Philly Block Captains Hope Cleanups and Care Will Keep Streets Safe from Gun Violence

Explore how Philadelphia block captains are leveraging community care and cleanups to address gun violence. Through initiatives like summer programs, cleanup days, and neighborhood engagement, block captains are fostering safer environments and interrupting violence. Learn how grassroots efforts and partnerships with organizations like Life Outside the Streets aim to enhance conflict resolution skills and support youth engagement.