Mackenzie Rose Brown

Strategic Storyteller

Mackenzie Rose Brown, also known as ‘Rose Golden’ is a creative entrepreneur, simply put. As a visual artist and host, she fuses her love for wellness and media to tell stories, educate, and build community through multimedia projects and experiences. Bringing like-minded individuals together through content and experiences is a strong passion of hers.

Rose’s recent work lies in combining her experience in hospitality, customer service, and marketing to assist business owners with social media marketing. This includes and is not limited to social media management, social media consulting, content creation, and content coaching.

In addition to providing marketing services, she recently launched her new talk show called The Golden Hour with Rose Golden. This is the talk show that honors the in-between. This show holds space for those of us that are not our old selves, but also not quite our new or ‘ideal’ self just yet.

Rose’s north star is working toward changing the way individuals and our culture views health and wellness by making it more accessible to black and brown communities.

HEAL YOURSELF, HEAL THE WORLD is not only her motto, but way of life.