Love Now Media offers professional development services that are designed to enhance inclusivity, wellness, and connection within diverse workplaces which lead to transformative change. Within that change, safety, care and empowerment are needed. Our services anchor these essentials.


Love Now Media’s workshops are designed to foster empathy, understanding, and connection among work teams. Offered both virtually and in-person, these sessions are transformative experiences that guide participants through the art of empathy-centered journalism, storytelling, and designing love.

Empathy-Centered Journalism

Participants learn how to approach storytelling and communication with empathy at the forefront, enhancing their ability to connect with diverse audiences and colleagues.

Storytelling Workshops

Through interactive storytelling exercises, attendees explore personal and shared narratives, learning how to weave stories that foster connection, understanding, and inclusivity.

Designing Love Workshops

These sessions delve into the concept of designing workplace interactions, policies, and environments from a place of love and care, aiming to create more supportive and inclusive work cultures.


Understanding the need for flexibility and personal space in professional development, LNM offers customized digital wellness content. This customized content engages teams on their own time, providing resources that support mental and emotional well-being, promote self-care, and encourage a culture of wellness within the workplace. The content ranges from articles and videos to interactive modules, all designed to inspire and uplift.


Love On Location activations bring the power of storytelling directly to the workplace. These on-site activations are designed to create immersive experiences where employees can engage with love stories, participate in storytelling exercises, and connect with their colleagues in meaningful ways. These activations serve as powerful reminders of the shared humanity within every workplace, promoting a culture of empathy and understanding.


At the heart of Love Now Media’s approach is the belief that media and communication should be rooted in love. By publishing the work of engaged journalists, storytellers, lovers, artists, healers, and activists, LNM champions the power of storytelling as a tool for positive change. Their impact-focused group conversations and content not only promote shifts in thinking but also deepen connections to others and oneself, advocating for justice, wellness, and equity through every story told.

Love Now Media’s services are a testament to the transformative power of love, empathy, and storytelling within the corporate world. By fostering environments where dialogue, exploration, and connection thrive, LNM supports workplaces in becoming more connected and compassionate.

For more information on how Love Now Media can support your workplace, or to schedule a workshop, wellness content session, or Love On Location activation, please reach out to Let’s embark on a journey to foster connection and inclusivity through the power of love and storytelling.