Love Now Media’s storytelling workshops are for anyone looking to connect with love as a value in building new relationships, healing, nurturing communities, advocating for justice, and making a social impact as our world navigates a global pandemic, a reckoning for racial justice, and polarized politics.


    • To create a space for people to see, hear, and listen to each other
    • To validate the lived experiences and personal stories of people often marginalized by mainstream media
    • To identify and contemplate issues of importance to the participants
    • To support participants with envisioning the future and encourage taking action

Lunch & Love Storytelling Workshop

Spend a lunch hour reconnecting with your co-workers! Learn the art of storytelling while deepening connections with your colleagues. Love Now Media’s Lunch & Love workshops are ideal for those seeking personal and/or professional development in the areas of communication, media literacy, and emotional intelligence.

Workshop Size: 20 maximum

Time: 1 hour

Diversity With Empathy Storytelling Workshop

Love Now Media’s Diversity With Empathy workshop guides participants through a series of story prompts that create a unique environment for dialogue and listening. It is ideal for groups that are new to incorporating diversity and empathy into their work values and is ideal for workplace retreats and organizational development.

Workshop Size: 15-35 participants, private groups

Time: 90 minutes

Custom Workshop or Program

Love Now Media works with organizations to create custom programs and content to support urgent issues, community changes, and recovery efforts from major shifts in environments.

Number of Participants: TBD

Time: TBD

Work Samples