For My Sister, For Myself

“This originally started out as a tale of two: two sisters and two sister cities. Jeannine and Jasmaine, Philadelphia and Paris.” By Syreeta Martin That was until it came into focus that there are actually three sisters and an expanding space for global sisterhood that is bigger than any one bookshop, in any one city. […]

Loving Myself As I Am: Aziza Shuler in Her Own Words

“My journey to self-love, like many, is a deeply personal one, rooted in self-discovery that I arrived at by studying my mother and unraveling not only her story but also the profound connections it had with my own identity.” By Aziza Shuler I come from a lineage of women who’ve grappled with the complexities of […]

School Groups De-escalate Youth Violence by Meeting Students Where They Are

By Annette John-Hall We interviewed three dozen people about their vision for a more loving Philadelphia. One of the most common themes that emerged was a call for more investment in young people’s education and mentorships that foster a sense of safety and belonging. People believe this could help prevent violence and promote mutual respect among young […]

For The Love of Germantown: Eboni Zamani

Eboni Zamani is a Black filmmaker who is Nicetown-born and who spent much of her coming-of-age with family and friends in Germantown. Years later, Zamani has officially made Germantown her home. Currently, she is working on two exciting ventures — a dramedy web series titled “A Song for Nia,” loosely based on her own life, […]

Black Reverence Chair, a Ritual for Joy and Affirmation

Explore the transformative ritual of the Black Reverence Chair, a gathering fostering joy and affirmation amid the trauma of state-sanctioned anti-Black violence. Learn about its origins, the power of celebratory witness, and the creation of an energetic archive to counter narratives of brutality. Join the movement for healing and communal celebration.

Seven Modest Weapons 

A poignant poem “Seven Modest Weapons” by Lyrispect, reflects on the tragic death of Eddie Irizarry Jr. amidst systemic injustice. Uncover the artist’s compelling narrative against police brutality, emphasizing the need to humanize victims and hold law enforcement accountable. A powerful piece capturing the essence of tragedy, grief, and the fight for justice.

Lunch & Love: Love Ambassadors Edition

Join Love Now Media’s Lunch & Love: Love Ambassadors Edition, a four-part event series addressing the shift from grind culture to embracing a “soft life.” Explore transformative conversations on wellness, social justice, and equity with Love Ambassadors leading the way. Discover a future rooted in vulnerability, love, and authenticity, reimagined in the aftermath of the pandemic.