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Indigenous Education: Exploring the history beneath our feet

By Kim Russell

Much Indigenous history is hidden in plain sight. However, with the guidance of a Guale (pronounced wah-LAY) tribe member, Tavis Sanders, we pull back and uplift the historical roots of this land.


In the Push to Keep Children With Kin and out of Foster Care, Are Families Heard?

By Steve Volk, Next City

Kids face less long-term trauma when they live with kin instead of foster families. Yet despite promising kinship placement models elsewhere and signs of improvement, Philadelphia’s child welfare system still appears biased against families.


Post Pandemic Work Includes Wellness as a Priority

By Kristin Holmes

Ten years ago, the anxiety and sleeplessness, stress and migraines, came while Crawford worked her way up from call center to management at Verizon. But last year, she was working for herself in the midst of a pandemic.


Colin Powell helped shape my definition of love

By Jos Duncan Asé

Prior to receiving the fellowship, I hadn’t known much about Colin Powell outside of his work with George W. Bush and I was not a fan of either man. However, when I learned that Colin Powell was also once a student at City College of New York, I became more interested in his journey.


What happens when a victim of gun violence is blamed for their own death?

By Denise Clay-Murray

Some victims of gun violence are blamed for their own death. Families often challenge ambiguous policies to get financial help in the aftermath.


Dear Freedom Seeker (A love letter to Haitians)

By Carlo Campbell

Dear freedom seeker, refugee from hate, migrant from the lands of injustice…


Freedom Is A Birth Right (A Love Letter to Haitians)

By Lindo Yes

When I see you
I realize my want for freedom
Has always been a need for freedom
Never an ask
A demand


Hidden Costs: Gun Violence, Mental Health & Financial Stress

Mental health and post traumatic stress bear a hidden cost in the aftermath of gun violence. 


Peace Day prevails in Philly

By Kim Russell In this world, so much is out of our individual control, so beginning our days with positive affirmations is a small, yet important step toward reclaiming our…

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Mike, take a bow. A love story by Bunmi Samuel

Mike, take a bow. A love story by Bunmi Samuel A young Michael K. Williams, courtesy of Bunmi Samuels Facebook page. Mike, take a bow. Let's tell a story in...