Love & Money with Clarifi

Financial instability can feel like an insurmountable obstacle. Clarifi stands as a testament to the power of empathy, resilience, and collective action. Through their unwavering commitment to empowering individuals and communities, they are not only changing lives but also redefining what it means to build wealth and achieve financial freedom.

Nature & Nurture: Brandi Aulston’s Hike+Heal

Participants begin the hiking trail as strangers and emerge as a part of something bigger. The conversations during the hike were amazing, from noticing and appreciating the beauty of a magnificent red maple tree to discussing hiking gear and commenting on the children’s adventurous nature to deeper, more existential ponderings.

Playwright Roger Q. Mason Premieres “The Duat” with Philadelphia Theatre Company

Each performance of ‘The Duat’ is a unique experience, with the audience playing a crucial role. As Mason puts it, “I know that each performance is an opportunity to discover, to play, to find something different and more penetrating, whether it’s thematic or narrative or social that the piece is mining.” The June premiere in Philadelphia was a culmination of learning and adaptation, with changes in the script made following the final previews. This reflects Mason’s decisive commitment to refining their work through feedback and review, as well as the audience’s active participation in the evolution of the play.

The Creative Force of Will Toms

Before receiving recognition as Forbes ’30 under 30′ honoree in 2021 for his remarkable social impact, gaining prominence as Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of REC Philly, a multimillion-dollar creative hub, and serving as a board member of several nonprofits dedicated to humanitarian efforts, William Tyrone Toms was a precocious Black boy living in the Germantown section of Philly, Pa., using his inner strength and forced resilience to navigate familial trauma.

Kid Killebrew: The Sneakerhead Superhero

There is something nostalgic about opening a box of new sneakers: the anticipation as you peel back the paper, pluck them from the box, spin them around in your hand in admiration, and take in that fresh sneaker smell. He’s never forgotten the confidence he felt as a child when he stepped into a new pair. “I felt like a Superhero,” shared Killebrew, “especially when I played ball. It may sound like a small thing, but it can be a big feeling, particularly to underprivileged children.” He wanted to give that feeling to youth in need.

ATTIC Youth Center and PhillyBOLT Invest In Youth to Future-Proof Philly

Philly’s youth are often at the center of news stories. They lead as protesters, activists, and organizers. They disrupt the status quo by riding motorbikes through the streets. They challenge definitions of identity and force us to evaluate whether the world we’ve designed does what it’s supposed to do. Yet, without guidance, support, and investment, youth are critically vulnerable due to a lack of safe places, housing, and education.