For My Sister, For Myself

For The Cook Sisters, the self and selves go hand-in-hand, transcending time and space. And they both require a “yes” to love. “I want for my sisters what I want for myself,” Jeannine once wrote in a post on social media. It would appear that what she wants for herself, is indeed what her sisters feel they need. 

Loving Myself As I Am: Aziza Shuler in Her Own Words

I come from a lineage of women who’ve grappled with the complexities of love, a theme that has deeply shaped my own journey. At the heart of this narrative lies the absence of a mother’s love, a defining element passed down through generations. This absence, in turn, led me to a realization: one of the most powerful forces in the universe is a mother’s love.

Black Reverence Chair, a Ritual for Joy and Affirmation

Explore the transformative ritual of the Black Reverence Chair, a gathering fostering joy and affirmation amid the trauma of state-sanctioned anti-Black violence. Learn about its origins, the power of celebratory witness, and the creation of an energetic archive to counter narratives of brutality. Join the movement for healing and communal celebration.

Sweet Jazmines Pastry Chef Cookin’ Up Wellness in Reset Recipe

Discover the journey of pastry chef Kimberly Davis Cuthbert, owner of Sweet Jazmines Bakery, facing an unexpected business closure after 23 years. Explore her shift from a bustling bakery to embracing family time and envisioning new ventures, including a national expansion for her renowned sweet potato muffins. Join her in this inspiring career transition.

Incarcerated Fathers Loving Their Children 

Uncover the impactful changes brought about by parenting programs for incarcerated fathers at Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility in Philadelphia. Learn about initiatives such as the Parent Action Network, which are interrupting the cycle of incarceration, strengthening family ties, and decreasing recidivism. Hear firsthand stories of fathers reconstructing connections with their children from behind prison walls and developing vital parenting skills.

Philly gumball machines dispense poetry and mental health resources

This article was originally published by WHYY, a news partner to Love Now Media. By Peter Crimmins Philadelphia poet Lindo Jones, known as LindoYes, describes himself as an artist-activist, using his poetry in the service of social justice efforts. During the widespread demonstrations in Philadelphia in the summer of 2020, LindoYes could be heard reciting […]

Breaking Barriers on Boathouse Row

By Kristin Holmes

The tranquility of the Schuylkill River calls out to Brannon Johnson every morning at 6:30 a.m. when she steps into her wobbling single scull…