“How does LOVE change things?”

This question is at the heart of our work. We aim to answer the question through stories about people who engage in acts of love for healing and change. These stories make ‘love’ accessible, methodical, and tangible. Through love we want to inspire action, collaboration, and community building.

What Does Love Now Media Do?
We Tell Love Stories – Lots of Them!

We do that through…

Storytelling Workshops
We offer storytelling workshops for groups and companies who are looking to make cultural changes within their organizations through Love Story Interlinking (LSI). The LSI methodology brings people together through love stories while also addressing intersectional topics such as self-love, activism, mental wellness, social justice, community development, and cultural change.

We consult with organizations to build empathy and address pressing issues through love-based activities. The activities strengthen social environments, increase productivity, and help organizations to meet their people and culture goals.

Video Production
We offer video production services to our partners and clients and produce documentaries, public service announcements, or our interactive video booth, Love On Location (LOL).

We curate love stories and print quarterly chapbooks which can be purchased or used in partnership with fundraisers & service projects in line with our mission.