Fun Love Storytelling Videos

By Jos Duncan As the founder and Chief Storyteller of Love Now Media, I’ve had the pleasure of conducting dozens of storytelling workshops in communities throughout the country. While storytelling is something that all of us do in our daily lives, a lot of people are intimidated by the idea of storytelling when prompted to […]

Fathering With Love

Joel Austin My name is Joel Austin, President/CEO of Daddy University Inc. Daddy University Inc is the oldest male parenting company in the U.S. We teach, train, educate over 500 males a year. It has been our mission to assist, educate, advocate, and support our fathers. I am honored to be part of the Love […]

Consent With Love – Lesson 1

SynClaire Arthur, M.S. & Mari Morales-Williams, Ph.D. How long will the activity take for each lesson? Summary: This first lesson was partially inspired by the hope to begin dismantling the notion of “you’re my child and therefore your business is my business and I can share it with whomever” that is often expressed and heard […]

Creating Your Own Circus with Love

By Raphael Xavier Everything we artists cook up must always have some sort of love ingredient added to it. We do things for the love and never for money. We love to eat. We love to swim. We love to work out and we love to play. We also love to work if it’s working […]

Blessing Our Mess With Love

Course Offering From Kara Coleman, MA SC Getting Started Appreciations & An Introduction Purpose of the Course How We’ll Spend This Time Together What You’ll Need Before We Begin Pen & paper for written exercises, notes, etc. Comfortable, quiet space Approximately 30 mins of free time Printed course materials Question 1: Why Focus on ‘Mess’? […]

Stand-Up Comedy 101 With Love

By Dave Terruso SUMMARY Laughter is the best medicine. Well, medicine is the best medicine. Laughter is great and all, but if you break your arm, laughter won’t heal it. But it will make you forget it hurts for a little while.They say everyone has at least one great novel in them. I believe that […]

Love As A Verb

A Love Lesson From Jade Flower Foster In some cultures, it’s common to not actually say the words, ‘I Love You.’ Instead families, neighbors, communities demonstrate that love through action. Love is a Verb is a lesson on how to identify ways to show love to Creator. Objectives: Participants will define love and identify what […]

Self Love Massage

By Shesheena Bray There is so much healing available to us by way of our own hands. Stress and trauma can create distance in the body, making our bodies feel like foreign places, instead of like home. Reconnecting with the body through touch is a great way to tend to self. Think about the love […]

Love Poetry Lesson

By Blew Kind Supplies: 1 Rose (or another flower) for each participant, pen/pencil, paper Objectives: Gain writing techniques: Metaphor, Simile, Repetition, Patterns, Spacing, Lines, ect.Connect in seeing, feeling love/beauty with nature and with selfReflection and application using examples from other poets.Energy shift from beginning to after; feeling a boost in self-confidence, discovery, and appreciation/enamorment 1. […]