God Forgives, I Don’t  

Embark on a compelling journey of self-redemption in the face of betrayal and pain. Witness the transformation from emotional battle scars to inner strength as the author navigates the complexities of forgiveness, opting for a path of self-empowerment and invoking strength when necessary. A poignant odyssey revealing the innate fortitude within.

Seven Flowers to Give to Girls and Women 

Syreeta Martin shares a beautiful bouquet of wisdom inspired by her encounter with Bloom Bold Co. and the Black Girl Florists at the 2023 Philadelphia Flower Show. Hear about her transformative act of giving and receiving flowers and witnessing the tangible magic of the moment. This heartfelt gesture transcends generations, symbolizing empowerment and love.

How Social Pressures Fuel Black Men’s Fear of Vulnerability  

Learning to be okay with being vulnerable is essential for Black men in urban communities because it helps them better handle conflict. Instead of turning to violence or unhealthy coping mechanisms, men who can be vulnerable seek peaceful solutions. The safe “Heart of the Story” workshop spaces created by Love Now Media are needed in urban communities.

Philly gumball machines dispense poetry and mental health resources

This article was originally published by WHYY, a news partner to Love Now Media. By Peter Crimmins Philadelphia poet Lindo Jones, known as LindoYes, describes himself as an artist-activist, using his poetry in the service of social justice efforts. During the widespread demonstrations in Philadelphia in the summer of 2020, LindoYes could be heard reciting […]

Press Release: Heart of the Story

PHILADELPHIA, PA (August 22, 2022) – In response to Philadelphia’s communities impacted by gun violence, Love Now Media has launched a new initiative entitled Heart of the Story: Getting to the Heart of Gun Violence. The empathy-centered media company is fostering this important entry point into hard-to-have conversations. The series of storytelling workshops will feature […]