Creating Your Own Circus with Love

By Raphael Xavier

Everything we artists cook up must always have some sort of love ingredient added to it. We do things for the love and never for money. We love to eat. We love to swim. We love to work out and we love to play. We also love to work if it’s working for ourselves, and money comes with it. That’s just an added bonus.
So what I want to do is show you how you can love to have fun with your imagination at any moment you feel the need.

First I want you to think about the most fun time you ever had as a child. Hold on to that thought for a minute. I bet it was an amusement park or local carnival in the shopping mall parking lot with your friends. The smell of cotton candy and popcorn was the favorite. You especially wanted to stay far away from the horse or donkey rides. Unless you like the smell as much as the ride.

So let’s try to relive that fun feel.

First we need to set the environment.

Things you will need:

  1. Cotton candy or cherry scented candle. (your choice of others)
  2. A bag of microwave popcorn (popcorn scented candle if not a fan of microwaves)
  3. Circus sound effex:

  1. 2-4 of your most talented friends. They can be singers, rappers, musicians, dancers or any talent of your choice. The more far out the better. The only requirement is that you have to love them and their skills. (How long should the performances be? Then, we can get total duration)
  2. A big time circus name. (I’ll help you)*

Add your first name or an abbreviation to the front of:*
Since we are talking about love lets just call it

Now the thing that will make this work is the fact you have to LOVE everything you put into this. The smell of the candles, the smell of the room and your most talented friends. Remember that LOVE is key!!

Ok so here’s what you do.

Step one: Burn the candle for 5-10 minutes to set the mood.
Step two: Call your talented friends over and put them in a corner of the room or yard. That will represent their performance space.
Step three: Pop your microwave popcorn to add to the mood of the mood. You’ll also use this for snacking food as you walk around to see your talented friends.
Step four: Play the circus link. It’s only 1 min long so you can find a longer song or keep experiencing the one-minute multiple times. Or have your makeshift band leader start the song over. It’ll be fun every time.
Step five: Right before you start your walk around, announce the name of your event like this: “Welcome to LOVESTRAVAGANZA” loud and clear like a ringmaster.

Then after all of that, you can make your way around your space and enjoy the moment of LOVESTRAVAGANZA. You can also add balloons to the environment.

You can share this with your friends and see what they come up with.

Compare STRAVAGANZA names and ideas.

Have fun and send me an invitation to your LOVESTRAVAGANZA.