Journaling With Love

By Nikki Powerhouse

Journaling with Love is a writing exercise that inspires intimacy and self-discovery. This intimacy connects to learning from writing about our feelings and experiences. Through emotional intimacy, we discover how to love ourselves through our vulnerability, dreams, and fears. We ultimately embrace ourselves with unconditional love.

It’s important to have a pen and 3 empty pages near your bed immediately upon waking.
Duration: Daily, any length of time

Morning Messages:
Writing between 4-6 am is a sacred time to align with greater love.
No “thinking”, or No “judgment” about what to write. Just allow the pen to freely move across the pages until 3 pages are completely full.
Do this for 7days straight, and you will find what messages your subconscious mind is revealing to you.

Create a list from what you learn after reading your morning messages.

Love I AM:
Write daily affirmations to create an internal celebration with love. We have to create a wellness of self- awareness to who we really are daily.
I AM a divine love in action.
I AM a vessel that overflows with love.
I AM being love NOW.

Love your Fears:
What are my fears?
Who would I be without my fears?
What actions would I need to take to align with becoming that person?

Love to Yourself:
Write weekly love letters to yourself.
Our relationship with ourselves will be a blue print to how we are with others.