The Phoenix

Delve into a poignant poem reflecting the complexities of self-perception and inner truth. Explore themes of introspection, resilience, and empowerment as the poet navigates the labyrinth of identity.

Turning Self-Love into Songs: How Deleqúa Uses Music as a Means of Motivation

Discover how Deleqúa, a Black transgender artist, turns self-love into music that empowers her community. In this interview with Love Now Media, she discusses themes of identity, love languages, and setting boundaries. Explore the motivation behind her new single, “New Me,” and her commitment to creating a safe and empowering space for her audience.

The Magic Window: A Children’s Book, A Mother’s Love

Discover the enchanting world of “Princess Nylah and the Journey to the Magic Window” by Susan C. Small, a heartfelt children’s book that celebrates diversity, African spiritualism, and the magic within. From stageplay to book, Small’s empowering journey unfolds with intentional imagery and messaging, leaving a lasting impact on readers. Open the Magic Window and find your own magic!