The Phoenix

By Kim Russell

Remember when we’d play Whisper Down the Lane?

An experiment to see if the message would stay the same

All along, it was designed for the message to change

Cause confusion

Welcome intrusion

& embrace delusion despite the truth staring you in the face

Kinda like that man you said been staring you in the mirror

Telling Jealous lies about who you really are

How Foolish to try separating you from the truth

Let me be your reflection of dispute

Offer Refuge from the cycle of Love & Pain that has you so wired

& Rumble on your behalf when you’re feeling too tired

to admit that you need someone to show up in the same way you would

Sometimes you just need a you

Ready to pull up & on demon time too

Blasting knuck if you buck, cuz we don’t play about you. 

Tell that man inside the mirror to catch me outside

how bout that

Drop a pin to where he at

so he can catch these words of affirmation

I heard he’s hungry for the truth, so I’m ready to cook,

Drop a prayer for his redemption with words from the good book,

I have some time today 

& I have a lot to say 

Imma leave him salty like Lots wife when he staring back at me

It’s plain to see

He’s playing Icarus to the Sun

He don’t know a King from a God

His 5G Tower cannot compete with your power

This Hour, I will be your walking will and testament

That you are greater than any human measure

Fuck a National Treasure, Nicholas Cage could never crack your code

Your caged bird sings as warning…

That there will be Dead Roses in the morning because

Chances are your Jean Grey is just an avatar

Look how magical you are when your Phoenix burn it all down & rise through the fires  

That inner Atheist can speak the craziest, but his own demise was sired

When you resurrected new life into the Grey parts of your anatomy…

I have a few capes, if he want to be super mad at me

But I came to speak life into my friend

Because when you win, I win, we thick & thin. 

There’s no blood thicker than the covenant. 

Yea, I remember when we’d play whisper down the lane, but today we unlearn those unwanted lessons, walk

like true players & leave it to the game…

Because some messages are meant to stay the same.

Like…Whoever you’re meant to become, you already are.

Because behind the smoke & mirrors, your true essence is never too far

Picture of Kim Russell

Kim Russell

Kim Russell is a Philadelphia based poet, storyteller, and journalist.

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