From Bars to Belonging: Overcoming the Housing Crisis Facing Returning Citizens

The United States leads the world in mass incarceration – one in three adults have been arrested by the age of 23. As a result, as many as 100 million Americans have some type of criminal record. A minor offense or even an arrest without conviction can lead to a lifetime of obstacles. One of the biggest […]

Empathy As Art: A Conversation on Disability with ‘The Cost of Living’ Cast

“The Cost of Living,” a Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Martyna Majok, explores the depth of relationships between disabled and nondisabled individuals. Directed by Jeffrey L. Page, the rehearsal process included a groundbreaking discussion involving the cast, crew, disability advocates, caregivers, and policymakers.

This Philadelphia teacher helps visually impaired students ‘jump into their greatness’

Two things Sharita Jerkins learned from teaching students with visual impairments are the importance of being more descriptive while teaching and verbalizing every detail of her lessons. Jerkins, who teaches grades 4-8 at the Overbrook Educational Center, said people often underestimate her students and their ability to excel in a mainstream environment. “My past and […]

Breaking Barriers on Boathouse Row

By Kristin Holmes

The tranquility of the Schuylkill River calls out to Brannon Johnson every morning at 6:30 a.m. when she steps into her wobbling single scull…