Wellness in the Workplace: How Tiffany Tavarez Empowers Herself and Others in Corporate America

Love Now Media’s Lunch & Love: Love Ambassador Edition saw equal parts of laughter, self-reflection, and wisdom as Syreeta Martin, director of communications, sat down with business executive Tiffany Tavarez for a conversation on what wellness can look like in the workplace. Tavarez, whose resumé boasts accomplishments such as Philadelphia Business Journal’s Top Forty Under 40, serves as the Senior Vice President of Technology Diverse Segments, Representation and Inclusion for Wells Fargo.

Turning Self-Love into Songs: How Deleqúa Uses Music as a Means of Motivation

As a Black transgender woman, Deleqúa creates music to motivate herself and her community. She cited Beyoncé, whose recent album and subsequent tour share similar ideals of both Black and queer empowerment, as a major inspiration. From the way Deleqúa performs her tracks down to the meticulously planned release of her projects, the singer aims to create a deep connection with her audience, detailing that “we all have love languages, mine is my art.”

Announcing Love Now Media’s 2023 Love Ambassadors

Meet Love Now Media’s 2023 Love Ambassadors! Explore stories of community impact, social justice, and inclusive leadership in Philadelphia. These ambassadors, through empathy and love, lead transformative initiatives. Join us in amplifying their voices and celebrating the power of love to drive social change.