First 48: A Love Letter to Missing Black Women and Girls

“First 48: A Love Letter to Missing Black Women and Girls” is a poignant reflection on the critical 48 hours after a disappearance. With references to Breonna Taylor, Sandra Bland, and Korryn Gaines, this heartfelt piece emphasizes the importance of saying her name, standing for justice, and the relief when a missing Black woman is found.

Sweet Jazmines Pastry Chef Cookin’ Up Wellness in Reset Recipe

Discover the journey of pastry chef Kimberly Davis Cuthbert, owner of Sweet Jazmines Bakery, facing an unexpected business closure after 23 years. Explore her shift from a bustling bakery to embracing family time and envisioning new ventures, including a national expansion for her renowned sweet potato muffins. Join her in this inspiring career transition.

Seven Flowers to Give to Girls and Women 

Syreeta Martin shares a beautiful bouquet of wisdom inspired by her encounter with Bloom Bold Co. and the Black Girl Florists at the 2023 Philadelphia Flower Show. Hear about her transformative act of giving and receiving flowers and witnessing the tangible magic of the moment. This heartfelt gesture transcends generations, symbolizing empowerment and love.

How to get involved in Philly’s 2023 MLK Day of Service

Hundreds of thousands of volunteers across the U.S. mark Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day with acts of service, and Philadelphia is home to the largest MLK Day event in the country. Check out the many places you can go to get involved, from gun violence prevention projects to educational symposiums and nature conservation, to exploring volunteer opportunities addressing diverse community needs. Join the largest MLK Day event in the U.S. and make a positive impact in Philadelphia.

11 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Falling In Love

People fall in and out of love everyday. Rocky relationships often lead to marriage, children, divorce, or simply staying in dead relationship far too long. Once love is lost, people may develop a fear of love because they associate feelings of vulnerability with falling into a ‘sunken place’ of emotions and a complicated life course with someone who may not ultimately be the one.