Turning Self-Love into Songs: How Deleqúa Uses Music as a Means of Motivation

Discover how Deleqúa, a Black transgender artist, turns self-love into music that empowers her community. In this interview with Love Now Media, she discusses themes of identity, love languages, and setting boundaries. Explore the motivation behind her new single, “New Me,” and her commitment to creating a safe and empowering space for her audience.

Mike, take a bow. A love story by Bunmi Samuel Mike, take a bow. Let’s tell a story in your honor. An origin story from one part of your life. You lived many successfully. History is important. Context is important. Roots Run Deep. Deep origin stories. There are many; here we go. Mike was all […]

11 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Falling In Love

People fall in and out of love everyday. Rocky relationships often lead to marriage, children, divorce, or simply staying in dead relationship far too long. Once love is lost, people may develop a fear of love because they associate feelings of vulnerability with falling into a ‘sunken place’ of emotions and a complicated life course with someone who may not ultimately be the one.

Float. Kick. Breathe.

By Stephanie Malson Featured in Little Love Stories Volume 6 Theme: Lessons on Love One. There is something both freeing and terrifying in that number. One. It’s full of possibility but also the unknown. Uncharted territory. The idea of being at the beginning of something can be paralyzing and at first for me, it was. […]