For The Love of Germantown: Eboni Zamani

Eboni Zamani is a Black filmmaker who is Nicetown-born and who spent much of her coming-of-age with family and friends in Germantown. Years later, Zamani has officially made Germantown her home.

Dreams In Smoke

“Dreams in Smoke” is a reflection on the impact of genocide. Through evocative language and vivid imagery, the poem explores the tragic consequences of conflict, leaving readers with a sobering reminder of the human cost of violence and the enduring search for hope amidst despair.

The Phoenix

Delve into a poignant poem reflecting the complexities of self-perception and inner truth. Explore themes of introspection, resilience, and empowerment as the poet navigates the labyrinth of identity.

Philly Block Captains Hope Cleanups and Care Will Keep Streets Safe from Gun Violence

The City of Philadelphia’s block captain program has existed for 79 years, according to a city spokesperson. It empowers residents to become resource hubs in their neighborhoods, connecting people to needed city services such as property repairs and garbage pickup. Block captains can also apply for block party permits, paint curbs and fences and set up free libraries.

Building Hope in Philadelphia Neighborhoods Under Siege – MindSite News

Former student Jadera Wright walks past the school’s familiar painted logo and flyers for construction apprenticeship programs, AmeriCorps assignments and notices for licensing tests. Wright, a recent YouthBuild Philly graduate who is currently working in security, smiles as she greets former classmates and people like the school’s lead social worker, Samantha Cranford, or Miss Sam as she’s known to her students.

Love Now Media’s Poet’s Press Call for Poetry

Submit your original, unpublished poetry to Love Now Media’s Poet’s Press on the theme ‘Peace In Perspective.’ Explore local and global news through creative expression, addressing issues of peace, community, and wellness. Selected poets will be compensated $150-$500 and featured in Love Now Magazine, amplifying your voice on justice and community matters.

Empathy As Art: A Conversation on Disability with ‘The Cost of Living’ Cast

“The Cost of Living,” a Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Martyna Majok, explores the depth of relationships between disabled and nondisabled individuals. Directed by Jeffrey L. Page, the rehearsal process included a groundbreaking discussion involving the cast, crew, disability advocates, caregivers, and policymakers.

Journalism’s next disruptor: Love

In their own words, Love Now Media is “on a mission to help create a more just, well, and equitable future by amplifying acts of love at the intersection of social justice, wellness, and equity.” You might be rolling your eyes here thinking: “This doesn’t sound like journalism.” Jos is used to that response, and she understands it. After all, disruptors tend not to be invited into the fold. But it hasn’t stopped her from finding people, foundations, and communities to support her growing media empire.

World Trade Center of Greater Philadelphia Embarks on New Era with Thomas Young at the Helm

By strengthening the support for minority businesses and enhancing the city’s infrastructure, Young envisions Philadelphia not just as a participant but as a leader in international dialogue. The city will be poised to offer its businesses the world’s stage – thereby giving access, opportunity, and empowerment for a more inclusive and interconnected global economy.

PA 211 Helpline: An Under-Sourced “Resource” for Returning Citizens 

Explore how PA 211 Helpline by United Way supports returning citizens in Philadelphia, providing reentry resources 24/7. Uncover the challenges faced by those leaving prison and the need for inclusive community support. Learn about the initiative’s potential to reduce recidivism and uplift individuals after incarceration.