Digging into Philadelphia’s Latine Community Gardens

This is especially true for certain groups of the Latine community, particularly for undocumented immigrants. Philadelphia has had a long history of community gardens, creating a melting pot for those with and without citizenship — the city has become a sanctuary for the Latine population who have since founded communities across the city.

Kid Killebrew: The Sneakerhead Superhero

There is something nostalgic about opening a box of new sneakers: the anticipation as you peel back the paper, pluck them from the box, spin them around in your hand in admiration, and take in that fresh sneaker smell. He’s never forgotten the confidence he felt as a child when he stepped into a new pair. “I felt like a Superhero,” shared Killebrew, “especially when I played ball. It may sound like a small thing, but it can be a big feeling, particularly to underprivileged children.” He wanted to give that feeling to youth in need.

ATTIC Youth Center and PhillyBOLT Invest In Youth to Future-Proof Philly

Philly’s youth are often at the center of news stories. They lead as protesters, activists, and organizers. They disrupt the status quo by riding motorbikes through the streets. They challenge definitions of identity and force us to evaluate whether the world we’ve designed does what it’s supposed to do. Yet, without guidance, support, and investment, youth are critically vulnerable due to a lack of safe places, housing, and education.

Every Human Should Have a Home

The reality is cultural attitudes toward impoverished people – fueled by toxic portrayals, fear mongering in the media and systematic dehumanization – have made homelessness not a community problem to be solved, but an individual offense to be punished, and defines those who suffer this condition as enemies to the idyllic peace of ‘good (read: housed and well-fed) people’.

Words Beats And Life’s “Alt Spring Break” Web Series Comes to Philly: A Conversation with Love Now Media’s CEO Jos Duncan Asé

Like many leaders, Jos Duncan Asé’s origin story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. She faced significant adversities, such as the loss of her father and her mother’s battle with addiction. With the support of family and community members, these hardships molded her into a change agent, determined to make a positive difference in her community.