Fathering With Love

Joel Austin

My name is Joel Austin, President/CEO of Daddy University Inc. Daddy University Inc is the oldest male parenting company in the U.S. We teach, train, educate over 500 males a year. It has been our mission to assist, educate, advocate, and support our fathers. I am honored to be part of the Love Movement.

  • Fathering with Love is written to remind my Dads to Breathe, Relax and have as much Fun as possible. You got this. I start each fatherhood class by asking them, what “change” have they noticed in their child since the last session. We move very quickly towards the road to financial responsibility, but sometimes don’t remember the trees changing colors along the way. Have fun with being A Dad.
  • Our goal is to give you an easy way, easy tools to help you Father with Love. Fathering with Love is a reminder that no one remembers their first sneaker brand, but we forever remember moments in time. The goal is to focus on the wonder of being a Dad, the power of being a lifetime Superhero and the ordainment of this position!
  • First objective is to take you back in time to your childhood so you can refocus on importance. Second goal is to assure and reassure Dads that, You got this! The third is to clarify the first and most important job as a Father.


A. Back in My Day

So? Let’s go back in time a little. Please take a moment and list 10 moments, days, times, places, etc in your childhood that were awesome. Let’s go back and remember what you were doing that day, that time, that moment. List 10 things that you really liked as a kid. Were fun to you as a kid…

Now look at this list. Put a suggested $ amount near each. What you will find that no matter the adult. Most of the times you still remember to this day……were CHEAP! When Fathering With Love, remember the longest happiest moments in your child’s life will seldom need much money at all!

B. You Got This?

Many times, my Dads get nervous about if they are going to do a great job as a Dad or if they are doing a great Job. My answer…..just the fact that your asking this question means YES!

So, You Got This means that your child is a 50/50 split of all types of DNA, Chromosomes, Traits and goodies mixed up. Before your child even comes out….you already got this! From day ONE, Half of what you like, they like. Half of what you do, they like to do. Half of your favorite foods are their favorite foods. Half of your corny jokes, they will love, movies, games, sports, etc. etc. You got this, if you just learn 1 % more, then you are a Super Awesome over the top Father. After that you grow better and love more each and every day. Remember, no one knows more about your child than you, equally, but not more! 

C. One Main Job

The main and most important role of a parent is to (drumroll please) raise self-sufficient human beings. Human beings that are considerate, that care, that add some value to this world. The best way to achieve this is by:

  1. Listening to them- they don’t breathe but keep it up
  2. Opening up imagination- touch feel the world, parks, museums, etc.
  3. Connecting on their level- their movie, play on floor
  4. Acknowledge how they feel, but stick to what you believe
  5. Take it to the Table – Dinner table, most meals, together
  6. Support- help build up dreams- no matter what
  7. Dream catcher- provide the path
  8. Gift catcher- So each child is given a GIFT, they do something better than anyone else in the world
  9. Have fun with it- relive your life, play and laugh often
  10. Father with Love – overall, trust your heart. It will never fail you or your child.

Author- Joel Austin, Daddy University Inc 
www.daddyuniv.com, 610-579-3237, austin@daddyuniv.com