Igniting Change Through Love and Storytelling: The WOMEN’S WAY Fellowship Journey

Women's Way Fellowship Cohort 3. Photo by Elizabeth Field.

As the founder of Love Now Media, I have spent the last few years exploring and creating media to transform lives and communities using the potent tool of love. Our team uses love’s inherent power to uncover new narratives and inspire those who tell their stories to engage in action for positive change. My journey with the WOMEN’S WAY Change the Narrative Fellowship was an inspiring testament to the transformative power of love-infused storytelling. 

A little background… 

The journey actually started when Resolve Philly introduced Love Now Media to the Gender Wealth Institute’s Narrative Fellowship through their partnership with WOMEN’S WAY. Their goal of using personal narratives to drive policy change resonated deeply with me, aligning perfectly with my philosophy. I was intrigued by the power and depth of the stories and decided to feature the WOMEN’S WAY videos on our Love Now Media platform.

In the spring of 2022, WOMEN’S WAY requested a single storytelling workshop for the program. The Fellows’ enthusiastic response to the workshop led to an exciting proposal. WOMEN’S WAY invited Love Now Media to lead the overall Narrative Fellowship curriculum for the Gender Wealth Institute. 

Love Now Media has facilitated dozens of love storytelling workshops, partnering with universities, corporations, and community centers. Still, the WOMEN’S WAY Fellowship stood out. The selection process for the Fellowship involved a comprehensive review of applications and an emphasis on lived experiences that could potentially inspire policy change. This brought together a unique cohort of nine extraordinary women and non-binary people, whose journeys and spirits amazed and inspired me.

The Fellows’ stories reflected a spectrum of experiences and dreams, each with its profound beauty and power. All Community College of Philadelphia students (thanks to a partnership with CCP’S Women’s Outreach and Advocacy Center) were also mothers, artists, people who had been in foster care, trans women, sex workers, and women who had endured childhood abuse. Listening to their stories, their dreams, and their hope for a future was not just a privilege, but a profound lesson in resilience and courage.

Reflecting on their journeys, I was moved to revisit parts of my past that I seldom thought about. I remembered the uncertainty, the struggle, and the hope that I clung to as I navigated my own educational journey. Their willingness to share their experiences and aspirations reminded me of the immense power of love, resilience, and hope that lies within each of us.

In this space that felt sacred, I realized that love was the crucial ingredient that allowed us to safely explore these narratives without exploiting them. Our sessions together facilitated inspiring and healing conversations. The Fellows’ courage to share their stories profoundly impacted me and Syreeta Martin, Love Now Media’s Director of Programs and Communications, who assisted and co-facilitated several sessions. They reminded us of our mission and the transformative power of love-infused storytelling.

To the fellows who participated: Your stories have already made a deep impact. Thank you, fellows. And, thank you, WOMEN’S WAY. Your stories continue to inspire us and fuel our mission at Love Now Media to change lives through love and storytelling.