First 48: A Love Letter to Missing Black Women and Girls

“First 48: A Love Letter to Missing Black Women and Girls” is a poignant reflection on the critical 48 hours after a disappearance. With references to Breonna Taylor, Sandra Bland, and Korryn Gaines, this heartfelt piece emphasizes the importance of saying her name, standing for justice, and the relief when a missing Black woman is found.

Dear Buddha Baby

I can still remember that woman’s voice I was affected by the sounds of a Mother’s cry At Sundown, The Sunset on her son’s life All I could hear was: Not My Baby! She screamed it on repeat And I couldn’t retreat from what felt like a bad Omen And that wasn’t the first one […]

The Importance of Midwives and the Skill and Science Behind Being One

By Nina Indigo

Researchers have brought a serious issue in midwifery to surface. They stress the importance of midwives and their need to better understand the skill and science of being one, specifically within their emotional intelligence. Why, because it’s essential to how well they perform their roles as midwives.