Love & Rage: Alchemizing Your Emotions for Justice  

Navigate the complexities of love and rage amid ongoing struggles for justice. Explore the impact of systemic issues on underserved communities and learn how to transform emotions into constructive action. Avoid toxic media practices, embrace participatory design, and discover Philadelphia organizations dedicated to addressing police and community relations. Channel rage into meaningful efforts for lasting systemic change.

Last chance to submit your career story inspired by love

Today is the last day to submit your story for Love Now Media’s Be. Do. Love. series. Our Chief Storyteller, Jos Duncan Asé spoke with Cherri Gregg of WHYY about the initiative. (Radio interview included) This article originally appeared on WHYY. America is in the midst of what some are calling the “Great Resignation” or the […]

Reawakening: Bridging gaps to jumpstart life after incarceration

While Radee Hammett was incarcerated, he witnessed a tragic act of violence that shifted his perspective on the value of his life. He is now a community leader, who uses his experience with incarceration to bridge the gap between prison life and the outside.

11 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Falling In Love

People fall in and out of love everyday. Rocky relationships often lead to marriage, children, divorce, or simply staying in dead relationship far too long. Once love is lost, people may develop a fear of love because they associate feelings of vulnerability with falling into a ‘sunken place’ of emotions and a complicated life course with someone who may not ultimately be the one.