Ancestors in the Sun

“Ancestors in the Sun” is a reflective poem that seeks to give gratitude and pay homage to the ancestors and guardian spirts that came before us and protect us.

Dreams In Smoke

“Dreams in Smoke” is a reflection on the impact of genocide. Through evocative language and vivid imagery, the poem explores the tragic consequences of conflict, leaving readers with a sobering reminder of the human cost of violence and the enduring search for hope amidst despair.

The Phoenix

Delve into a poignant poem reflecting the complexities of self-perception and inner truth. Explore themes of introspection, resilience, and empowerment as the poet navigates the labyrinth of identity.

Love Now Media’s Poet’s Press Call for Poetry

Submit your original, unpublished poetry to Love Now Media’s Poet’s Press on the theme ‘Peace In Perspective.’ Explore local and global news through creative expression, addressing issues of peace, community, and wellness. Selected poets will be compensated $150-$500 and featured in Love Now Magazine, amplifying your voice on justice and community matters.

Seven Modest Weapons 

A poignant poem “Seven Modest Weapons” by Lyrispect, reflects on the tragic death of Eddie Irizarry Jr. amidst systemic injustice. Uncover the artist’s compelling narrative against police brutality, emphasizing the need to humanize victims and hold law enforcement accountable. A powerful piece capturing the essence of tragedy, grief, and the fight for justice.

First 48: A Love Letter to Missing Black Women and Girls

“First 48: A Love Letter to Missing Black Women and Girls” is a poignant reflection on the critical 48 hours after a disappearance. With references to Breonna Taylor, Sandra Bland, and Korryn Gaines, this heartfelt piece emphasizes the importance of saying her name, standing for justice, and the relief when a missing Black woman is found.

Juneteenth: Love & Liberty

As many honor and celebrate Juneteenth, Kim Russell’s, “Juneteenth: Love & Liberty,” challenges Independence Day narratives. Explore the profound celebration of Black liberation and freedom, reflecting on historical complexities. Russell’s words echo the unapologetic spirit of Juneteenth, inviting you to partake in a jubilee that transcends timelines and honors the audacity of Black joy.

God Forgives, I Don’t  

Embark on a compelling journey of self-redemption in the face of betrayal and pain. Witness the transformation from emotional battle scars to inner strength as the author navigates the complexities of forgiveness, opting for a path of self-empowerment and invoking strength when necessary. A poignant odyssey revealing the innate fortitude within.

Dying of Old Age: A form of Protest

Lindo Jones’ poignant poetry delves into the profound act of using old age as a powerful form of protest. Through expressive words this piece reflects on life’s journey, legacy, and the longing to age gracefully. Join the dialogue surrounding aging, wellness, equity, and justice in this compelling contribution from Love Now Media’s Poet’s Press.