DecolonizePhilly’s ‘Fight for A Land Revolution’ at WURD Radio’s ecoFEST

Explore the fusion of community and activism at WURD Radio’s ecoFEST, a celebration of environmental justice. Learn about DecolonizePhilly’s ‘Fight for A Land Revolution,’ advocating for land reform and addressing systemic disparities. Anchored in love and resilience, ecoFEST is a transformative movement redefining narratives for Black and Brown communities in the era of climate change and societal injustices.

Igniting Change Through Love and Storytelling: The WOMEN’S WAY Fellowship Journey

Explore the empowering journey of the WOMEN’S WAY Change the Narrative Fellowship, where love-infused storytelling transforms lives. Founder Jos Duncan Asé reflects on the profound impact of these resilient and courageous stories, emphasizing the unique experiences that inspire positive change. Join the transformative power of personal narratives in this remarkable exploration of hope and resilience.

Lunch & Love: Love Ambassadors Edition

Join Love Now Media’s Lunch & Love: Love Ambassadors Edition, a four-part event series addressing the shift from grind culture to embracing a “soft life.” Explore transformative conversations on wellness, social justice, and equity with Love Ambassadors leading the way. Discover a future rooted in vulnerability, love, and authenticity, reimagined in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Love, Liberty & The Pursuit of Justice: Listen to the Voices Behind the Votes

As the world moves beyond the pandemic, 2023 marks a pivotal moment for the future of the city of Philadelphia. Residents are casting their votes in the primary and general elections that will fill key civil servant roles which include the mayor, sheriff, municipal court, and a special election for city controller.

Sweet Jazmines Pastry Chef Cookin’ Up Wellness in Reset Recipe

Discover the journey of pastry chef Kimberly Davis Cuthbert, owner of Sweet Jazmines Bakery, facing an unexpected business closure after 23 years. Explore her shift from a bustling bakery to embracing family time and envisioning new ventures, including a national expansion for her renowned sweet potato muffins. Join her in this inspiring career transition.

Incarcerated Fathers Loving Their Children 

Uncover the impactful changes brought about by parenting programs for incarcerated fathers at Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility in Philadelphia. Learn about initiatives such as the Parent Action Network, which are interrupting the cycle of incarceration, strengthening family ties, and decreasing recidivism. Hear firsthand stories of fathers reconstructing connections with their children from behind prison walls and developing vital parenting skills.

Forgiveness in a broken system

Discover the deep impact of forgiveness amid the turmoil of gun violence. Hear personal stories and explore restorative justice initiatives as individuals and communities journey through healing after enduring tragedy. This series delves into the intricate layers of forgiveness, offering diverse perspectives on the road to reconciliation and emotional recovery.

Announcing Love Now Media’s 2023 Love Ambassadors

Meet Love Now Media’s 2023 Love Ambassadors! Explore stories of community impact, social justice, and inclusive leadership in Philadelphia. These ambassadors, through empathy and love, lead transformative initiatives. Join us in amplifying their voices and celebrating the power of love to drive social change.