Words Beats And Life’s “Alt Spring Break” Web Series Comes to Philly: A Conversation with Love Now Media’s CEO Jos Duncan Asé

Gregory Corbin, (left) speaking with Jos Duncan Asé (right)

In a brand new episode of the web series Alternative Spring Break produced by Words Beats And Life, Gregory Corbin sits down with Jos Duncan Asé, our CEO of Love Now Media. Words Beats And Life is DC’s longest-running, dopest hip-hop-based arts educational non-profit.

This episode sheds light on Duncan Asé’s journey. “Alt Spring Break Philly Edition” dives deeper into Duncan Asé’s background, her motivations, the evolution of her artistic journey, and the impactful work carried through Love Now Media. The conversation is a must for those looking to make a difference through their work.

Like many leaders, Jos Duncan Asé’s origin story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. She faced significant adversities, such as the loss of her father and her mother’s battle with addiction. With the support of family and community members, these hardships molded her into a change agent, determined to make a positive difference in her community. 

Duncan Asé’s embrace of African dance and storytelling was a pivotal aspect of her journey as she experienced the transformative power of the arts. Through these mediums, she found a way to connect with her heritage and address personal and communal suffering. For aspiring media entrepreneurs and change makers, her artistic expression illustrates the potential of creative expression for healing and connection, 

The birth of Love Now Media marked a significant turning point in Duncan Asé’s career. It was a realization of the profound influence stories can have on community and culture. By shifting her focus from documenting pain to highlighting moments of love and support, she discovered a more fulfilling and sustainable approach to her work. The ’11 Days of Love Stories’ project, a testament to this, showcases how storytelling can bridge divides and foster empathy among diverse groups, making a tangible difference in her community.

Her journey is not just about professional growth but also about personal well-being. Reflecting on the importance of self-care and the role of funding, she provides invaluable insights for anyone looking to make an impact through their initiatives. She recognizes community care is a crucial lesson for all change-makers but highlights the importance of maintaining one’s health and vitality to remain effective in one’s work.

The conversation is a call for media entrepreneurs and change-makers to prioritize personal well-being in love-rooted work. As we become more aware of how the narratives we share can significantly shape our realities, conversations like this one remind us of the potential for media to be a force for good. 

You can listen to the full episode here: