By Hezekiah Featured in Little Love Stories Volume 6 Theme: Lessons on Love

I’ve always owned my duality 100%. I reference my Jekyll and Hyde in numerous songs. I coined the phrase “Conscious Porn” as my own version of Yin and Yang.

Funny thing about karma is, just like God, it works in mysterious ways.

Sometimes we only see what we want to see. It’s kind of like the day you walk into the strip club and finally see all the dancers’ dead eyes. Like “how long have I ignored this or was I unconscious to the obvious?” That was the day I stopped going to strip clubs.

I guess that’s why they say IGNORance is bliss. And once ignorance is broken you get to consciously choose what is right and wrong by what weighs on your soul.

We live in a world where everyone is everyone is afraid of themselves. Mostly because of thoughts and ideas that others may deem either disrespectful or crazy. But if you surround yourself with those who get it, you may be considered a genius. The company you keep dictates the world you create.

There is a saying that money is the root of all evil but a root doesn’t grow without a seed. In this case, the seed is “THE EGO.”

I came face to face with my ego in 2016. I had a brain aneurysm which forced me to sit with myself for two years and evaluate exactly who I am.

I’m a 46-year-old black man. So, imagine a lifetime without therapy or being able to outwardly express feelings. Y’all know therapy is not our culture even though it should be. Because baggage is a motherf—er to carry especially when you don’t know what’s in the bags.

I was tripping with nowhere to unpack until the universe set my ass down. The doctors prescribed a medication that sent me into a spiraling depression bringing all dark thoughts forward. Somewhere in that darkness was when I learned to love.

Empathy is knowing the next man is still that innocent child and the only difference is he’s seen and experienced different things. Our love only gets lost in translation from one perspective to the other.

Excepting the good and evil that lives in ourselves without being content is the key to self-love knowing you are in full control of you being a better or worse you tomorrow.

Grow, Build!

Humble people live in the middle.