Love Letter to Uvalde: We Poem

by Lindo Jones | May 31, 2022

By Lindo Jones

Illustrations by Chanchal Gupta

We Love

With our whole heart

Wholeheartedly held you

Now we are holding ourselves 

Our hearts are shattered

As we experience what someone’s hold


We are fatigued 

Because we can’t take

No more

More nos

On what we need

More knows what we need

We are winning more over to act 

But moreover, we are losing life to inactions

We feel defeated 


we want to make the world so gentle

That you could walk around barefooted

You don’t get to take those steps

Because the right to bear arms, 

got us not holding you in our arms. 

So we fold fingers, hold hands, clutch fists

So there is no more

We do something now!  

as we needed it before

we need it hereafter


Lindo Jones
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Lindo Jones is an award-winning poet whose work has been featured on Def Poetry Jam and Button Poetry.

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