Love Now Media’s Statement on the South Street Shooting Incident

Single candle burning burning brightly in the black background.

As an empathy-centered media company, much of our time is spent listening before we speak or write. Following this weekend’s tragic gun violence on South Street (and across the nation on any given day) we’re doing what we do best: asking questions and listening.

Our intention is to better understand the aspects of what’s happening and how they intersect with love, justice, wellness, and equity. As our team goes about doing this work with love, intention, and care, we’re thinking about all of the lives attached to it.

In 2021, Love Now Media contributed to a series titled, Gun Violence and the Economics of Well-Being, produced as part of The Toll: The Roots and Costs of Gun Violence in Philadelphia, a solutions-focused series from the collaborative reporting project with Resolve Philly.

Our reporting focused on the aftermath of gun violence, the cost of healthcare, wellness, mental health, and community healing. These kinds of contributing factors are important for context and the development of more nuanced understanding that leads to equitable solutions. 

We invite you to explore the reporting and consider the questions that guide our storytelling. At a time when there is a call for action and demand for answers, it’s crucial that we carefully consider what questions we’re seeking to answer. Here are the stories:

1. Hidden Costs: Gun Violence, The Healthcare Aftermath, and Who Pays?

2. Hidden Costs: Gun Violence, Seeking Wellness in the Aftermath

3. Hidden Costs: Gun Violence, Mental Health & Financial Stress

Our hearts are with all of those impacted by the recent acts of gun violence that continue to unfold across the nation. Our work remains rooted in the power of storytelling and reclaiming agency in the publishing of people’s narratives. Love Now.