What does it mean to thrive as a young Black man in Philly? On community, legacy building and generational wealth

Portrait of happy cheerful african american man smiling at camera, expressing positive emotions. Headshot of handsome dark-skinned guy in grey poloneck sweater posing for indoor photo,
Technical.ly spoke with Black Men about what it means to thrive. Photo provided by Technical.ly.

By Sarah Huffman for Technical.ly

Technical.ly spoke with six Philadelphians about how they’ve overcome challenges, and what drives them to succeed.

Oluwatobi A. Odusanya has already lived a few professional lives at 31, all with one ultimate goal in mind.

The Northern Liberties resident spent some of his early life living in Philly before moving to the UK for 10 years. He returned in 2011 because his mom wanted him to get an American degree — the best way to set him up for success, she believed. He went on to earn associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in psychology and is currently completing a master’s in clinical psychology at Eastern University, which he plans to finish this spring.

Odusanya is also in his first year as dean of students at Vare-Washington Elementary School in South Philadelphia, a position he came to from a background as a behavioral health technician.

While all those degrees are impressive, Odusanya is on this career path because he wants to make a difference and give back to the Black community.

“I’m here because somebody helped me to get to where I needed to get to,” he told Technical.ly. “And it was a person of color that put their time and effort into helping me become successful.”

What does it mean to thrive?

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