Isn’t It A Shame

By Ben Robinson III Featured in Little Love Stories Volume 4 Theme: Crazy In Love

How is it that….

Roses bleed red

And violets are actually purple from listening to the sounds of doves crying

It’s painful

Sad yet sweet and the mark of the end

Friends become lovers then become strangers occupying air in the same house

For a time

Until the door and the window fly open simultaneously encouraging one lover to choose their exit

There’s no breath left within this love

Only lies wrapped in scripted phrases and forgiving glances giving way to more chances of redemption

More chances of redemption

More chances and less mentions of true change because that was never the end game

Free room and board perhaps?

No sex

Given, wanted or desired from either

Two spirits floating above bodies of the complacent

Both wondering if there’s a destination beyond all the placating and compromises

Perhaps love was too ambitious?

This should have been a restroom romp

With tissues for cleanup afterwards instead

And then what was a tumultuous ride wouldn’t have begun at all

No matter though

In any event, it is now dead